Gorgeous Germany


Where history unfolds

For those, who enjoy a journey back in time, Germany ticks all the boxes, with 25,000 castles and palaces spread all over the country. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, every castle has an interesting story to tell.

One of Germany’s historic icons is Neuschwanstein Castle, located in the magnificient Bavarian Alps of south Germany. Also known as Germany’s fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein is one of the most frequently photographed attractions in the country.

Another breathtaking palace is Moritzburg Palace in the city of Dresden. Situated on an island, you can access this palace only by walking on a tree-lined avenue. This palace is famous for being one of the most impressive baroque palaces in central Europe.

For history and culture lovers, eager to dive into the Middle Ages, a trip to the Castle Road will guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Castle Road runs for almost 1,200km from the city of Mannheim, south west Germany and offers over 70 castles, fairytale palaces and stately homes and medieval masterpieces.

Wellness retreats

Thermal bath in Baden-Baden
Image Credit: German National Tourist Office

Whether by the sea, in the mountains or surrounded by green meadows and forests, Germany promises amazing relaxation and well-being experiences to all. Thanks to the diverse range of natural therapies with over 350 rated health resorts and spa towns combining traditional healing methods with modern medicines, Germany is known as an attractive destination for health travel.

One of the world’s best-known healing spots is Baden-Baden, situated in southern Germany. The spa town offers 12 thermal springs where water bubbles up from a depth of 2,000 metres underground, making it an unforgettable experience.

Outdoor adventures

Germany has hiking trails for every ability level
Image Credit: German National Tourist Office

Germany has plenty of adventure activities for tourists of all ages. From family-friendly attractions covering 100 theme parks, 300 zoos and 100 wildlife parks and nature reserves to recreational activities such as paragliding, sightseeing, cycling tours, kayaking, or hiking in the mountains, Germany has definitely something for everyone. With a well-connected public transport system throughout the country, visitors enjoy an easy and quick access between cities and rural areas whether by train, bus or by taxi.

Germany has over 200 scenic cycle routes through towns, mountains and villages
Image Credit: German National Tourist Office

Travellers can also discover Germany by bike through its 200 cycle routes spanning over 70,000 kilometres that offer stunning views of the country, from the unique Black Forest and the Alps in the south, the lakes and rivers in the countryside to the beautiful beaches and islands in the north.

Culinary experiences

White asparagus is a rare spring delicacy
Image Credit: German National Tourist Office

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has always welcomed European and international influences to its cuisine, but at the same time it has preserved its traditional recipes that were handed down from generation to generation.

One of the authentic culinary treats in Germany is the white asparagus, known as the vegetable of kings or white gold. While green asparagus is available all year round, white asparagus can only be tasted during a short season, between April and June every year, presenting a unique flavour experience.

Black Forest cake is another must-try in Germany. While this chocolate dessert has many myths surrounding its origin, one thing is certain. This famous cake that took the world by storm is a product of Baden-Württemberg, where it was first made over a century ago and where bakers have been refining it ever since.

Food enthusiasts exploring one or more of Germany’s 16 regions will enjoy an exquisite culinary journey, whether at its traditional inns or at one the 300 Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants spread all over the country.

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– The writer is the Director Sales and Marketing, German National Tourist Office Gulf Countries